George Washington Carver Museum and Cultural Center established by the Phoenix Monarchs Alumni Association of Arizona in 1986 is committed to moving forward with the vision of creating a community gathering place for cultural learning.

Preliminary Property Master Site Plan
415 Property Site Plan

Historic Main Building
George Washington Carver Museum and Cultural Center
Remaining Interior 1st, 2nd, and Basement Spaces
1st Floor                                                                              
East Stage Storage Spaces ($75,000)
Gallery-Multi Purpose Interpretative Spaces ($500,000)
2nd Floor                                                               
Administrative Suite ($225,000)
Multi Use Interpretative/Program Space 1 ($380,000)
Multi Use Interpretative/Program Space 2 ($225,000)
Multi Use Interpretative/Program Space 3 ($200,000)
Multi Use Interpretative/Program Space 4 ($200,000)
Multi Use Interpretative/Program Space 6 ($260,000)
East Storage Space ($175,000)
West Storage Space ($175,000)

Historic Shop Building
Grigsby Gallery Annex ($3,500,000)
1st Floor
Gallery/Café Space
Multi Use Program Space (Collection Storage & Exhibit Design)
Museum Addition – convert attached 12,000 sq. ft. warehouse space
2nd Floor
Gallery Space

Historic Grand Stand
Administrative/Event Management Space ($1,500,000)

Former Athletic Field
Landscaping ($1,500,000)
Parking & Lighting ($600,000)
Art In Public Spaces ($100,000)

Telecommunication Upgrade ($300,000)
Historic Main, Shop and Grand Stand Buildings

Other Contingencies and Indirect Costs ($2,085,000)

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Creating A Community Gathering Place