George Washington  Carver Museum & Cultural Center is a premier cultural institution that is the steward of the African American experience in Phoenix. The museum honors African American Heritage, Arts & Culture.

Our vision for the George Washington Carver Museum & Cultural Center supports four core principles:

Core Values:
Integrity: George Washington Carver Museum and Cultural Center conducts its business with the highest standards of ethical practice and transparency. The museum is dedicated to the continual improvement of public services.

Stewardship: George Washington Carver Museum and Cultural Center values collecting, preserving, exhibiting and interpreting evidence of the African American experience in the city of Phoenix and state of Arizona. The museum promotes and protects the cultural and artistic treasures of the African American community with the utmost care and respect.

Education and Research: George Washington Carver Museum and Cultural Center seeks to inspire people of all ages and ethnic backgrounds to explore and discover the important role of African Americans in shaping the history of Arizona. The museum provides the most current educational and media rich resources related to the African American experience.

Gathering Place: The historical facility promotes a sense of community and local station for Discussion Forums, Educational Services, and a myriad of Community Events.


The Vision Is Possible….use of a historical institution to promote education and cultural interaction and awareness to benefit and enhance the future of generations to come.

Creating A Community Gathering Place