The purpose of George Washington Carver Museum and Cultural Center’s Community Engagement Learning Consortium (formerly Reach N Teach RFP) is designed to bring together Community Partners who share a common mission to facilitate discussion forums, educational services and cross-cultural programs/events where the community at large can come together in a setting that address community needs and/or promote cultural understanding.

The Community Engagement Learning Consortium Request For Proposals (RFP) is evaluated by the Program Committee using the Likert Scale.  The Likert Scale is designed to assist the committee members with making assessments of each program/event proposal submitted.  Standard information areas will range from one to five points on the scale. The maximum allowable score is 30 points.

The program committee will focus on:
1) Compliance with these instructions
2) Complete and reasonable program/event costs estimates
3) Realistic timing of program/event marketing and implementation

For more information on becoming a partner through the Community Engagement Learning Consortium email us at or contact us at 602-254-7516.

Creating A Community Gathering Place